Your brown bag


  • Q. What is your minimum run?
  • A. No Minimums! 
  • Q. I want to print my own things, can you make a screen for me?
  • A. We sure can! 
  • Q. How long does the average order take?
  • A. Please allow two business weeks after art is finalized.
  • Q. Can you do rush orders (within two weeks)?
  • A. We have no problem rushing orders. For runs less than 50, it's a flat $50. For runs over 50 items, it's $1/item. For super last-minute jobs, additional hustle fee may apply.  
  • Q. What payment types do you accept?
  • A. In order of preference: cash, check, all major credit cards, money order, Paypal, Bitcoin, livestock, precious metals and family jewels. 
  • Q. Do you deliver?
  • A. We're happy to deliver around the greater Portland area.
  • Q. How long does shipping take?
  • A. Usually a couple days.  
  • Q. How do I deliver my image, logo or artwork?
  • A. Email it with the project perimeters in .pdf, .psd, .ai or .jpeg formats. And if you don't know what any of those things mean, get in touch and we'll walk you through it. 
  • Q. What is live screen printing?
  • A. The best thing in the world. We come to wherever you want us and set up a mobile screen printing booth. We can supply apparel, or people can pop shirts right off their back. This is fun. No one has ever had a bad time at our screen printing booth. EVER.