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Screenprinting! Local! Gluten Free! 

Goods & Services made in Portland, Oregon


Here's the rates for what we do if ya'll want us to print for you:

If you've got a design all ready to go, the first half hour of image prep for screen is free. If it needs some tweaking, it's $25/hr after that.

Know how to print? We can burn the image onto a new screen (12"x18") for $50, or the bigger screen (18"x24") for $60

Want us to do it?

We gotta Set-up:

A One-Off screen fee is $30 for the first color, $15 for each additional color* (up to four colors/screens). This option makes sense if you are planning a short run design, or plan on changing your art in the future.

Repeat screen fee: $50 for each screen, $10 a color for each re-run of the same design. This is a good option for those who have a design that they plan on re-printing over and over.


$2/item for the first color, $1/each additional color (up to four). $.25 off for each sum of 50, up to 200 items, then it's just $1 off.

Rush Fee: For projects larger than 50 items that need to be completed before two weeks, there is an additional $1/garment rush screen printing fee. If it's less than 50, then it's a flat $50 rush fee. 


Illustration / Design :

$50 for an initial illustration with an idea in mind, &/or $25/hr for designing it or something else to meet your needs. 


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