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Custom Printing

Unlike many screen printing shops, Misplaced relies on the traditional, hand pulled technique rather than using automated machines for printing. Using a 6/8 Hopkins carousel press and 24” wide conveyor dryer, Misplaced is able to create truly handmade apparel, merchandise, flat stock, and art prints. 

Misplaced primarily uses three kinds of ink: plastisol, water based, and discharge. Plastisol is a plastic based ink that sits on top of the fabric. It will slightly crack over time but is the most opaque. Water based sits in the fabric and is soft to the touch. It’s lightweight. Discharge is another kind of water based ink that is only compatible with 100% cotton material. It bleaches out the dye in the base fabric and replaces it with ink. 

Misplaced works with all types of bands, brands, bars, and businesses, and is here to help tackle whatever project you have in mind. Get a quote or see our FAQ page for more info.