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Stay Hydrated Tea Towel
Stay Hydrated Tea Towel

Stay Hydrated Tea Towel

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Ever make a mess? Sometimes I do, and when I spill something or want to grab my pizza bagels from the hot hot oven I reach for this tea towel. 

When I was young, dumb, innocent, and not the worldly individual I am today I would have never thought about owning a tea towel. I would have laughed at the idea, scoffed even, but now I have like 20.

They just keep appearing but I'm not complaining, and neither is my oven! My oven used to be nude, embarrassingly so, but now it's got this nice cloth to hide it's hot pocket. Just hang it right on the oven handle and bam, instant class.

Want to impress someone? Show them your tea towel collection. 

Want to really impress someone? Give them a tea towel and watch their world open up before their eyes. 

Stay hydrated out there, it's only getting warmer.